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Sahara Knite pictures Sahara Knite pics SaharaKniteXXX Television X babes, erotic models, chat babes British Asian babes pictures
Sahara Knite
Sahara Knite topless model, Indian glamour, lingerie, fetish
When did you start working as a model? I started back in 2004 when I replied to an ad in The Stage for adult models.
What made you want to become an adult model? I needed a career change plus I wanted to try something new.
What was your first nude modelling job? It was a solo girl shoot back in 2004 for SimonScans.
How did you feel the first time you were in front of the camera? Was a bit nervous at first but it got easier as the shoot went on.
What was your job before doing this? I used to work in the fashion industry.
What's your favourite outfit? I love all outfits from the very glamorous to the raunchy. Love lingerie, rubber, latex, anything fetish. I love all shoes - you could say I have a shoe fetish!
Which countries have you been to for shoots? For shoots I have been to Geneva, NY, LA, Spain and Portugal.
Which city would you like to live in? I love living in London. When I am away on shoots I can't wait to get back home.
In the future, would you like to get more involved in the business side of adult entertainment? In the future I would like to get more involved on the business side. At the moment I am concentrating on building a name and a fan base. I am also working on my new site, I have a great guy - Terry Stephens who does all my camera work for me. And what we shoot for the site, we will be looking to eventually release on DVD.
What can viewers expect to see on your new site? Lots of pics and videos plus webcam as well.
What's it like being LIVE on Television X ? I love being on TVX because I get to work with some great girls, Television X models! Plus it's a fun job. You know, someone has to do it... :)
Is Sahara your real name? Sahara isn't my real name and it was given to me by Simon of Simon Scans when I first shot for him. It took us a while to come up with it though. Then around Feb 2005 I did an article for Closer Magazine, and they wanted a surname and we came up with Knite.
Do you watch adult DVDs by other performers? I don't watch porn, I just like to do porn!
Which famous pornstar would you like to do porn with? McKenzie Lee and Jenna Jameson.

February 2006

Hot Asian babe Sahara Knite plays Armeca in Game Of Thrones

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British babes pictures Desktop Babes pics
British glamour photographic, video model interview, profile, pics

Charisma Kay

What made you enter the world of glamour modelling? Meeting new people.
What was your first photo shoot? It was for a top shelf men's magazine Razzle.
What sort of work did you do on Television X? Presenting and girl/girl video for Rick Porter, I really enjoyed it, it was my first g/g video and there was no turning back.
What work have you done abroad? Stills and video for a website in Spain, it was great.
What do you feel most sexy in? Sexy lingerie, I love dressing up for my fella and girlfriend. You know, suspenders under a nice long dress, they just keep wanting to peel all off. I do not mind, it's mind blowing.
What's your fantasy? I would love to tie my fella up and tease him with another girl!

November 2003
sexy Television X glamour model presenter

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Playboy TV, The Adult Channel presenter pictures sexy British Television X babes pics sexy Desktop Babes UK picture sexy Wendy Jayne pictures
PVC, girl next door glamour model

Wendy Jayne
Adult Channel TV / Playboy TV babe

How did you get into modelling? A friend got me into it.
Describe your favourite outfit? Love all the outfits I wear - as love dressing up, love PVC and the girl next door look.
How far have you travelled for your work? All over the country and have some trips planned this year for abroad.
You have appeared in some adverts and posters, are you allowed to tell us which ones? Sorry confidential ;)
What did you do for Playboy TV, The Adult Channel and Television X? A few videos and some presenting clips.
What was it like filming with Teresa Scott and her strap-on? GREAT!
You've studied Anatomy and Physiology, do you think you will ever work in that industry and leave modelling? No plans to leave modelling just yet, but reckon I have learnt even more about the body since entering the glamour industry :)

July 2003
Wendy Jayne glamour model

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Luxi sexy Asian adult entertainment model


How did you become a model? I wanted to be a catalogue / fashion model but at 5ft 2ins tall was told I will get no work, I was offered a topless, small part, that lead to nude and so on and eventually led to adult entertainment.
What do you like to wear at home? I really like to be nude in the house, not all the time but after a bath I just love the freedom of being nude. I have done it a few times in my private life with just boots... I like naughty things like that for a turn on!
What parts of the world has your job taken you to? All over Europe, Japan and America so far.
What sort of videos have you done? Oh, so many, 3somes, 4somes, girl/girl, boy/girl, g/b/g, b/g/b, a few weeks ago I did a 6some - 3 guys and 3 girls, that was wild.
What's the craziest thing you've done? Giving head when driving fast on a motorway!
What would you like to do in the future? Do as much porn as I can until about 30 then have a baby and be a good girl!
British adult models
April 2003

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horny British girls


What modelling work have you done recently? Girl/girl and boy/girl.
Which do you prefer doing? I love both but really enjoy me and a girl and my boyfriend - this makes me very hot.
Is it more exciting doing the individual custom amateur videos/photos rather than the professional productions? You can't really say, both can be very exciting and both can be boring.
What's your favourite set/studio? Outside.
Have you ever had any disasters during a session? Once had someone turn up drunk, they soon went.
What do you put on when you're feeling sexy? Short skirt and stockings with no knickers! Sometimes I wear high heels in bed.
Favourite colour for lingerie? Pink.
October 2002
Candice lingerie, high heels

Wicked Nicki

Wicked Nicki sexy TV X glamour model
"I love my work but it's like anything else sometimes if you do it all day you need a break when you get home, luckily my boyfriend is understanding... sometimes!"
Wicked Nicki, Television X models
June 2002
When did you do your first nude photo shoot? I did my first nude shoot in March 2000 after answering an ad in a mag for adult glamour models, it was just up to nude in my own home. I was very nervous but excited at the same time.
What countries has your work taken you to? So far I have only been to Spain, but I have had offers for America, New Zealand, Switzerland but unfortunately they don't always come through. I have travelled through most of the UK now.
What was your job before this? I worked in a smelly old factory in this horrible grey uniform, not very sexy at all, but I did meet my boyfriend there so it was worth it.
What made you want to get into glamour modelling? I've always wanted to do it, but I never had the support before so when I did, I jumped at the chance. Men have always been after me so I thought I can't be that bad, so I thought hell lets go for it. I've not looked back since.
What is it like people asking you to do something and you do it on the webcam? It's a great turn on knowing there are guys watching and having fun at what I do for them. I have made some good friends from this too as they don't all just want to see you doing things but they like to get to know you as a person.
Do you prefer the 2 way interactivity the webcam offers or do you like a video director / photographer telling you what to do? I enjoy them both and they're very different so it's not really a case of choosing. On the webcam you get to talk to lots of different kinds of people. Stills and video can be just as much fun and you get to see the results afterwards which are normally great but with all jobs you can have bad days.
What did you do on TV X? I did a video that was shown on their Christmas special last year. We had lots of fun making it, it went down well I've been told.
What other videos have you done? I have done all types of videos including G/G (girl/girl) and B/G (boy/girl) and solo for both amateurs and professionals.
Which do you enjoy more? Again they're different, if you work with someone that you like and have a chemistry with, it's great fun and you really enjoy it, which comes out on the video, if you don't then you wish it would get done quicker and that shows too. Solo is always fun as I know the spots to hit LOL!
What's your fantasy outfit? I have many outfits, 2 maids, nurse, secretary and fetish but I would love to have a Lara Croft or Zena Warrior Princess type, action girl me LOL. I wear high heels in bed and on shoots. My boyfriend loves legs and heels, so they get to see a lot of action LOL!
What's the wildest thing you've done? I haven't really done anything that wild in work, 3somes, 4somes. As for my private life, I have done some wild and kinky things but as it involves others I better keep it private!

XES Shelli
@ XESshop / Passion8

UK online sex shop

April 2002
When did you start the site? 3 years ago
What made you do it? I wanted to have a fun site with great products. I think we offer a great service and that is reflected in the way our customers keep coming back for more!
What was the first few items you were selling? Pheromones! We sell 1000's of bottles a month and guys can use them in place of their usual aftershave and it really does increase a guys chances of scoring, not scoring just for the sake of it, but scoring with top-totty!
Have you tried and tested everything from your shop? I try all the vibrators, well styles of vibrators, not actually EVERY ONE! If it feels good I sell it, if it doesn't then it is consigned to the bin, simple as that!
What do you wear when you're feeling sexy? I love stockings and suspenders and I have some outrageously black high stilettos, I love them, they make my legs look long, make me feel incredibly sexy. If I'm in the office I don't wear knickers! If I am at home I like to wear a silk short negligee, no knickers again and sometimes I'll serve dinner like this, but the silk really feels great against my skin, and I love to have my tits massaged through the silk! I wear PVC if I am out on the club or fetish scene, PVC for me is about exhibitionism and I enjoy playing the part of a dominatrix! I love my thigh boots too if I'm in PVC mode, they are shiny and sexy. I call the boots in the picture my "lucky boots" - Last time I wore them to a local club I was entertained by 7 guys - it lasted over three hours! What an amazing night that was. My "lucky boots" are for going out in, I always get what I want when I wear them!
Do people from all over the world shop on your site? Mainly from the UK simply because of postal and currency restrictions really. We now sell in Euros too so that has opened us up to Europe a lot more.
What's your future plans? We are just developing a new video section. I have been reviewing the films and they are brilliant - top quality and great production. So DesktopBabes visitors can come and have a look, I'll certainly make it worth their while. The videos are going to be so big because we have teamed up with the biggest producer in Amsterdam. The titles are certainly varied with every taste catered for, we are looking at video streaming, so customers can get a sample before they buy.

sexy black high stilettos, dominatrix PVC thigh boots fetish

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